Get to Know More About Static and Dynamic RAM

IDNSlot Depo Dana This memory group, named Random Access Memory, has characteristics that match its name. In accessing data stored in memory, it is done in a random way, not sequentially like in a streamer. This means to access memory elements that are located anywhere and accessed at the same time.

Static RAM

Internally, each cell that stores n bits of data has 4n transistors that make up several flip-flop circuits. With the characteristics of this Flip-Flop circuit, the data stored is only in the form of On (High state) or Off (Low state) which is determined by the state of a transistor. Its speed compared to Dynamic RAM is of course higher because it does not require a refresh signal to maintain memory contents.

Dynamic RAM

Internally, each cell that stores 1 bit of data has 1 transistor and 1 capacitor. This capacitor keeps the voltage flowing through the transistor so that it can still store data. Because current maintenance must be done every few moments (which is called refreshing), this process takes more time than the performance of Static RAM.

As stated earlier, the memory module develops in tandem with the development of the processor. This type of DRAM is also experiencing development.

DRAM Type Development

  • Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) is one such example. This SDRAM (which is usually known as SIMM SDRAM) only improves the speed of access to stored data. By synchronizing the speed of this module with the System Bus Frequency on the processor, it is expected to increase its performance. EDO RAM modules can be brought to their top speed at a maximum FSB of 75MHz, while SDRAM can be brought to speeds of 100MHz on the same system. SDRAM is also developed further. Slot Deposit Dana
  1. PC100 RAM
  2. SDRAM developed for 100MHz system bus
  3. PC133 RAM
  4. SDRAM developed for system bus 133MHz
  5. ECC RAM (Error Checking and Correction RAM)
  6. SDRAM developed for the needs of servers that have heavy performance. This type of SDRAM can look for data corruption in the memory cell in question and can immediately repair it. However, the limitation of this type of SDRAM is that only one data cell can be repaired at a time when processing data.
  • Burst EDO RAM (BEDO RAM) is a type of EDO that has Bursting capability. Performance that has been boosted can be 100% higher than FPM, 33% than EDO RAM. Originally developed to replace SDRAM, but because the process is asynchronous, and is only limited to 66MHz, BEDO RAM is practically abandoned.
  • Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) was developed by RAMBUS, Inc., This development became a polemic because Intel tried to introduce PC133MHz. This RDRAM has a narrow data path (8 bits) but its performance cannot be surpassed by other types of DRAM whose data paths are wider than RDRAM, namely 16 bits or even 32 bits. This is because this RDRAM has a sophisticated Memory Controller. Of course, only motherboards that support RAMBUS can use this DRAM, such as the MotherBoard for the AMD K7 Athlon. However, this type of RAM is used by 3dfx, Inc., to speed up the process of drawing full 3-dimensional objects by polygons. An example of a product that uses it is the 3dfx Voodoo4 series.
  • SyncLink DRAM (SLDRAM) was created because to use this RDRAM you have to pay royalties to RAMBUS Inc., this is considered very expensive for motherboard developers. With a speed of 200 MHz, and a maximum bandwidth of 1600MB/sec, it is enough to canvas the development of RAMBUS DRAM.
  • Double Data Rate RAM (DDRAM) was developed because the data transmission needs are very high. This technology is developed based on the transmission of data to and from other terminals via tact signals.
  • Serial Presence Detect (PSD) is an extension of the DIMM that includes an EPROM chip that can store information about this module. This small chip that has 8 pins acts as an SPD in such a way that the BIOS can read all the information stored in it and can equalize the FSB with the working time for perfect CPU-RAM performance.

That’s an explanation of static and dynamic RAM, if there is an error in the explanation, please understand. I hope this article can help you to know more about RAM. IDNSlot Deposit Dana