Uses of Computers and Some Important Components

Uses of Computers and Some Important Components – IDNSlot Depo Dana Computers are a manifestation of today’s technological developments. With the development of the times, computers have also gone through several evolutions. Starting from the physical form to the components in it underwent an extraordinary evolution.

Every company already uses a computer for its operating system. The convenience provided by computers makes it easier for employees to work. Routine maintenance is also carried out by the company to maintain computer performance so that it does not decrease.

One of the most important computer components is RAM. Random Access Memory (RAM) has characteristics that live up to its name. In accessing data stored in memory, it is done randomly and not sequentially as in a streamer. This means to access memory elements located anywhere and accessed at the same time.

RAM types

  • Static RAM

Internally, each cell that stores n bits of data has 4n transistors that make up several flip-flop circuits. With the characteristics of this Flip-Flop circuit, the data stored is only in the form of On (High state) or Off (Low state) which is determined by the state of a transistor. Its speed compared to Dynamic RAM is of course higher because it does not require a refresh signal to maintain memory contents.

  • Dynamic RAM

Internally, each cell that stores 1 bit of data has 1 transistor and 1 capacitor. This capacitor keeps the voltage flowing through the transistor so that it can still store data. Because current maintenance must be done every few moments (which is called refreshing), this process takes more time than the performance of Static RAM.

As stated earlier, the memory module develops in tandem with the development of the processor. This type of DRAM is also experiencing development.

RAM is also a computer component that works like memory. Having a usage quota limit, requires us to pay attention to the use of RAM on our computers.

Viruses on Computers and Antivirus

Now that everything’s online, there are many things we can do with the internet, from chatting with long distance friends, social networking, watching movies, and listening to music. Along with the increasing number of internet users, more and more new online threats have emerged such as phishing, malware, adware, spyware and so on.

If your computer starts showing a decrease in performance, it could be caused by a virus lodged in the computer. A computer virus is a computer program that copies itself, then inserts a copy of itself into another program or document on the computer system. This is what destroys the computer system. Slot Deposit Dana

Types of viruses on computers include;

  • Worm

Actually the Worm virus is not too dangerous. However, if left unchecked, it has the ability to multiply quickly, causing your computer’s memory and hard drive to become full. Usually this type of computer virus infects computers that are connected to the internet and have email.

  • Trojans

Just like Worms, Trojan viruses also generally attack computers connected to the internet network and through emails that users receive. This type of computer virus will control and even steal data on your computer.

  • Macro Virus

This type of computer virus tends to attack macro files such as .pps, .xls, and .docm. Generally, macro viruses often come through the emails we receive. So, in order to avoid macro viruses, you are encouraged to be more vigilant and try your best to avoid foreign messages that enter your email.

To eradicate the virus on the computer, we need an effective antivirus application to deal with the virus. There are many good antiviruses to protect your computer from viruses. The names of these applications include Bitdefender, Avast, Avira, AVG, Sophos and other antiviruses.

Maintaining Your Software and Hardware

Hardware Maintenance Tips

The first thing we have to do is take care of computer hardware components. Here I usually do some maintenance such as:

  1. Placing the computer in a place with good air circulation. Necessary to avoid overheating of computer hardware.
  2. Clean the dust that enters and sticks to the hardware components in the casing. 
  3. Using a Stabilizer so that the flow of electricity that enters the Power Supply is always maintained stability. Or better yet, use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) so that it can keep the computer from losing power suddenly.

With a few simple actions above, ensure your computer hardware has stable performance.

 Software Maintenance Tips

The second thing that is no less important, of course, is taking care of the software or computer operating system. There are several computer maintenance actions in software that we can do, including the following: 

  • Backing up the computer system
  • Install and Run a Computer Scan with Antivirus
  • Perform Windows Update, Update Antivirus and other Software
  • Perform System Optimization.

Privacy Network VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection between an internet network and other private networks through a public internet connection. VPNs are private because they are aimed at more serious security concerns.

VPNs are commonly used by companies, governments, and military organizations to protect their sensitive data while using the network. However, currently the use of private VPNs is also increasing because it can protect the identity and privacy of users when surfing the internet.

VPN’s have interesting functions. Used for a number of purposes, VPN’s are now a feature on devices. VPN functions in accessing computers include;

  • Securing Transactions While Connected to the Internet
  • Covering Browsing Activity
  • Can Access Websites Blocked by Host or ISP
  • Accessing Content from Censored Sites
  • Increase File Download Speed

Generally, when we access a website on the internet, we will be connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). All data traffic requests for websites that we access will pass through the ISP server and can be seen by the ISP. IDNSlot Deposit Dana

Seeing how this VPN works, then:

  • ISP will not know the activity of VPN users on internet
  • Visible IP address is the VPN server IP
  • Using WiFi hotspots is safer
  • VPN providers can see the activity of VPN users on the internet

So many discussions about the use of computers and other important components. I hope this article can help you to know more about computers. We hope that this information will pleased you. Good Luck and See You Soon

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